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Magnum Energy PT-100 Charge Controller MPPT

by Magnum Energy
$ 1,452.00
  • Description
  • Description
    • Maximize energy harvest and improve battery life Introducing the new Magnum/Sensata Power Track-100 (PT-100) MPPT solar charge controller. The PT-100 boasts a high voltage input equal to the battery bank voltage plus 200 volts to a max of 240 volts open circuit on the input side and a max amperage of 100 amps in/out at 12, 24 and 48 volts. It has built in ground fault protection, arc fault protection and maintains over 99% efficiency from PV in to DC out, using less than 1 watt on self consumption.

      Everything together in one place The PT-100 is a high voltage, high amperage controller that can be programmed with simple DIP switch settings, or one or more units can be controlled through your Magnum remote control for more advanced programming (ME-ARC or ME-RTR). It can actually take an array size of up to 6,600 watts (STC) at 48 volts, which is twenty-four 275 panels in six strings of 4. The PT-100 has the great feature of limiting the output current to 100 amps, which means the output won’t exceed 100 amps even if you oversize the array.

      Sleek design, intuitive interface With simple menu functions and displays, the PT-100 is a very intuitive charge controller that is designed to be mounted on the Magnum MP or MMP platform. It's UL-1741 listed and easily stackable up to seven units (700 amps!). While stacked, they maintain coordinated battery charging profiles to avoid all the

      Features & Attributes

      -Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.5 × 8.5 × 4 inches
      -Weight: 12.5 lbs
      -Multi-state Charging
      -12/24/48Vdc battery systems with automatic detection of system voltage
      -Integrated GFDI and AFCI protection features
      -Extensive Electronic Protection
      -Supports large PV arrays up to 6600W
      -High Efficiency
      -LED indicators and digital screen
      -MPN: PT-100
    • Magnum PT-100 Data Sheet

      Magnum PT-100 Owner's Manual

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