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Vision Digital kwh Meter Vision Metering V2S-2S

by Vision
$ 89.95
  • Description
  • Description
    • Utility-grade digital kWh meter utilizes current transformers for accurate measurement. Similar to 028-03061, Form 2S, 200A, 240 VAC 1P meter, but with 900 MHz radio com to Vision Gate Collector for wireless monitoring.

      -ANSI C12.18, C12.19 & C12.20 Compliant
      - Utilizes Current Transformer(s) for Measurement
      - Uses Vision 20/20 Software for Programming
      (included with the purchase of meters no charge)
      - Shipped with Accuracy better than +/- 0.15%
      - Designed for 20 Year Life
      - Battery options for Display, NV Ram, and Clock
      - Standard Delivered, Received & Net Metering
      - Instantaneous KW Available under Kwh Display
      - No exposed metal parts (when installed)
      - Magnetically Shielded option available
    • Vision Meter Series Brochure Data sheet


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