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ITRON Kilowatt-Hour Meters SP-IT-CENTRON-C1S

$ 39.00
  • The CENTRON C1S solid-state meter is used for measuring single-phase energy consumption. With this solid-state meter, Itron presents a platform for residential metering with the flexibility to adapt as your needs expand and change.

    All calibration data is permanently stored in the base of the meter on the CENTRON metrology board

    The interchangeable personality modules are part of a snap-in register assembly

    Captures energy that was not monitored in the past by electromechanical meters

    Series | Itron
    Manufacturer Part Number | SP-IT-CENTRON-C1S
    Description Kilowatt hour meter Form 2S ITRON LCD Digital 240 VAC CL200

    Long Description | The ITRON LCD meter is the standard utility-grade meter seen on most homes. Form 2S, 120/240 VAC, Single directional (not for net metering).
    Connectivity | Cellular

    Length 7.0
    Width 7.0
    Height 5.0
    Weight 2.56 LB
  • Itron Kilowatt Meter Data sheet

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