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Magnum Energy Remote Control ME Advanced Battery ME-ARC50

by Magnum Energy
$ 209.00
  • Description
  • Description
    • The ME-ARC remote control allows you to monitor and customize the operating parameters for your Magnum inverter/charger. It is the same remote used on all Magnum inverter/charger models in the ME, MM, MS, MS-AE, MS-PAE and RD Series lines so there is no cross-platform confusion. The ME-ARC50 comes standard with a 50 foot, 4-conductor (twisted-pair) telephone cable and includes non-volatile memory (preserves adjustable settings, even if power to the remote or inverter is removed). The ME-ARC is equipped with “at-a-glance” LED Indicators and a LCD Display used for setting up the inverter/charger operation, as well as viewing current status or fault messages. The Magnum remote control includes all of the programming and operation functions included in an easy-to-use package.

    • Magnum ME-ARC50 Owner’s Manual

      Magnum ME-ARC50 Compatibility Sheet

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