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QuickMountPV QBase Universal Tile Mount QMPVUTM

$ 36.00
  • Description
  • Description
    • The QBase Universal Tile Mount uses the QBase foundation and two spun aluminum cone flashings for installing solar panels on tile roofs with superior strength and waterproofing. The installer can conform the secondary top flashing to fit virtually any roof tile, flat or curved.


      • Flashed at both the deck and top levels
      • 18x18-inch malleable top flashing with spun aluminum cone
      • 9x9-inch subflashing with spun aluminum cone
      • QBase is the strongest off-the-shelf mechanical mount
      • 3031 lbs. average ultimate pullout (Douglas fir); 803 lbs. average ultimate shear
      • All exposed hardware is 18-8 stainless steel
      • Attaches to roof structure with 2 or 4 fasteners
      • Meets or exceeds tile roofing best practices
      • Available through leading distributors
      • 100% IBC compliant
      • All fasteners and hardware included
      • 20-year warranty; 50-year expected life
      • Works with all leading racks
      • Patents pending
      • Made in USA 


      The primary flashing at the roof deck forms a waterproof shield isolating all penetrating fasteners from water intrusion. The top flashing is malleable, so it works equally well for curved and flat tile roofs. Both flashings feature a spun aluminum cone, with no seams to fail in extreme climates. The reinforced QBase makes an extraordinarily strong foundation. Ideal for both retrofit and new roof solar panel installations.



      QMPVUTM Installation Guide

      QMPVUTM Engineering Report

      QMPVUTM CAD Drawing

      QMPVUTM Warranty

      QMPVUTM Solar Mounting Solutions

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