Enphase Q Cable Q-12-20-200 [Single Connector] — Treepublic Inc.

Enphase Q Cable Q-12-20-200 [Single Connector]

$ 24.20
  • Description
  • Description
    • •Two-wire Enphase Q Cable is 50% lighter than the previous generation Enphase cable
      • New cable numbering and plug and play connectors speed up installation and simplify wire management
      • Link connectors eliminate cable waste
      • Four-wire (three-phase) option also available
      • Price is per connector.
      • Connectors are spaced 51" on center for 60 and 72-cell module portrait orientation.
      • Match the number of connectors with the number of IQ or IQ+ Microinverters to be installed


      ENPHASE Q Accessories Data Sheet


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