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Boral Roofing carries some of the best-engineered and highest-rated concrete and clay cool roofing systems on the market. For clay tile products, we've limited our selection to those few products that meet or exceed the Initial Solar Reflectance Index (Initial SRI) value of 40. Of Boral's many clay tile product offerings, only the below color/ profile combinations make the cut:

Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Northern California, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Texas regions only:

SRI: 61
Available Profiles: 2-Piece Mission, 1-Piece "S" Tile

"Old World #1"
SRI: 47
Available Profiles: 2-Piece Mission, 1-Piece "S" Tile

SRI: 46
Available Profiles: 2-Piece Mission, Romano Pans, 1-Piece "S" Tile, Claylite 1-Piece "S"Tile

"Bermuda Blend"
SRI: 45
Available Profiles: 2-Piece Mission, 1-Piece "S" Tile

"Corona de Oro"
SRI: 45
Available Profiles: Claylite 1-Piece "S" Tile

"Turino Blend"
SRI: 41
Available Profiles: 2-Piece Mission, 2-Piece Monarch, 1-Piece "S" Tile


For detailed profile descriptions and images, please click here:

Though we carry a limited supply, we recommend that you visit this link for details on distribution warehouses and information about local contractors:

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