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IronRidge Tile Replacement Flashing Tan Flat KOF-F01-T1

by IronRidge
$ 12.99
  • The innovative Knockout Tile replacement mount installs fast on roofs with or without battens, no matter whether flat, S, or W tile. No adjusting or tile grinding required. Solar installs on tile roofs can be messy and complicated. These jobs often require tile grinding to ensure fit, a struggle to align mounting components, and extensive searches to find the replacements for broken tiles.

    The IronRidge Knockout Tile is the solution. The replacement mount rapidly and reliably integrates into the existing roof system. With the strike of a hammer, you create a solid stack of high-performance, form-fitting components which fully encases the waterproof seal. The result? Unprecedented speed and flexibility during installation.


    -Less hassle: Universal base means no grinding
    -2x times faster installation
    -Strength tested
    -Class A fire rating
    -PE Certified
    -UL 2703 listed
    -25-year product warranty

  • Technical Specifications

    Material: Aluminum - Black Anodized Finish / Stainless Steel
    Product Type: Grounding
    Application: Other

    Mechanical Data & Components

    Dimensions: 17 × 12 × 1 in
    Weight: 1.35 lb

    Cut Sheet

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