Dual-Thread Swivel Kitchen Aerator w/Pause Action, 1.5 GPM

by Niagara Conservation
$ 4.98
  • Take Control of Your Faucet's Flow

    Okay, so your outfit is drenched in water and you look like you just stumbled off the set of Titanic during the final scenes. What happened? You were just trying to rinse off a spoon? But your faucet head was so uncontrollably powerful that it caused a wave of water to bounce off the spoon and splash onto your clothes.

    There is a simple solution to your faucet troubles. Upgrade to a Dual-Thread Swivel Kitchen Aerator. With such an upgrade, you'll no longer experience unreasonable water pressure or a faucet that seems out of your control. The aerator will enable you to wash or rinse with ease, while maintaining excellent maneuverability, energy and water efficiency, and steady pressure.

  • Wash Better While Saving Water

    The Dual-Thread Kitchen Swivel Aerator boasts a 1.5 GPM flow that delivers either a strong stream or a light spray, and uses less water in the process. The aerator's maneuverability is impressively flexible with 360-degree swivel action, giving you the freedom to direct water from any angle or position that you wish. This aerator also features a pause valve that helps you save even more water by switching to a trickle flow, without falling above or below your intended water temperature.

    • Change from light trickle spray to powerful needle spray via push/pull switch
    • Aerated, splash-free stream adds force to cleaning
    • 360° swivel action with rubberized grip for easy adjustment
    • Helps filter mineral build-up and debris
    • Connection fits both male and female faucets

    The dual-thread aerator is compatible with most male and female faucets (refer to specifications). It meets or exceeds ASME standards, is California Energy Commission Certified, and complies with California Health and Safety Code 116875 and Vermont Bill S. 152 for low lead content.


    • Model Number: N3115VP-FC
    • Manufacturer: Niagara Conservation
    • Flow Control: Standard
    • Finish: Chrome & White/Black
    • Max. Flow Rate: 1.5 GPM
    • Overall Dimensions:
      • Diameter: 1.375"
      • Length: 2.375-2.5"
    • Materials:
      • Body: Chrome-plated durable ABS plastic
      • Threaded Connection: Chrome-plated brass
    • Threads: Dual-thread system accommodating both male and female applications, with 55/64-27 internal threads and 15/16-27 external threads
    • Certifications: Meets or exceeds ASME A112.18.1 / CSA; B125.1; ANSI/NSF 61; Chrome plated parts meet ASTM B368 for corrosion testing; WaterSense labeled
    • Warranty: Lifetime Limited


    Click here to download spec sheet

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