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Enphase Q Aggregator Single-Phase Q-BA-3-1P-60

by Enphase
$ 312.00
  • Using the Enphase Q Aggregator makes it simple to bring together up to three fully-populated 20A branches of microinverters, center feed branch connections to minimize voltage rise in a fully-populated branch or connect a remote part of the array using Enphase Q Field Wireable Connectors.


    -A single aggregator allows you install systems up to 13.7 kW with only two line conductors and a ground coming from the roof.
    -Usable in any position up to 45 degrees from horizontal (NEMA 3R, includes drain holes)
    -The aggregator bracket is ready to install on the rail, can be flipped for roof or block mount installs and allow you to fit conduit into either or both sides.
    -Reduces electrical labor and balance-of-system materials costs -UL listed


    ENPHASE Q Aggregator Data Sheet


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