Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor

by Gardena
$ 70.00
  • Stop Over-Watering & Start Conserving

    You value being an eco-friendly person in many aspects of your life. And lately, you’ve been ushering that mentality into many of your water-using appliances. Everything feels like it’s coming together...well, almost everything.

    It’s early Saturday morning and you watch as the front lawn gurgles under a miniature lake of water. There's no way this is saving water. Your yard doesn’t need THAT much water at one time to thrive! Right? Well, you are right.

    But how do you regulate irrigation, and if you do regulate it, how can you know when enough is enough?

    The Soil Moisture Sensor offers an automatic irrigation system that you can customize and regulate as you please. Think that you only need a certain moisture level for one section of irrigated land? Then set the sensor to that level and it will irrigate the land accordingly. Also, it will not begin irrigating if the levels are already sufficient, thus saving water. Now you’re getting closer to fully going green!

  • Accessory for Gardena Irrigation Products

    As an accessory for select Gardena irrigation products, the Soil Moisture Sensor allows you to automate your irrigation based on the moisture of the soil. If the sensor detects that the soil is moist enough, irrigation will not start. Likewise, irrigation will be interrupted once the soil reaches an acceptable moisture level. This process provides an effective and efficient way to save water.

    • Works with select Gardena irrigation products
    • Stops scheduled watering when sensor detects sufficient soil moisture
    • Displays current soil moisture level on-screen
    • Helps save water and prevent root rot in plants
    • Built-in low battery indicator

    How It Works

    Stick the sensor into the soil that you wish to irrigate. Durable and reliable in outdoor environments, the sensor can remain here to continually test the temperature and moisture level of the earth. On the sensor's easy-to-read screen, you can see the soil's current moisture level. After determining the ideal moisture level for your soil, choose this level by turning the knob on the sensor.

    The sensor comes with a 5-meter (~16.5-ft.) connecting cable that plugs into your Gardena irrigation product. It operates on two 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included). The batteries will provide reliable measurements for about one year.

    NOTE: Requires a compatible Gardena product (sold separately) to operate. See compatibility list under Technical Stuff. Batteries not included.


    • Model Number: 1188-20 (Art. No. 8601)
    • Manufacturer: Gardena
    • Power Supply: Two (2) 1.5V (LR 14/C/round cell) alkaline batteries (not included)

    Compatible GARDENA Products:

    • Water Computers EasyControl (No. 1881)
    • Irrigation Control Systems 4040 modular (No. 1276), 4030 (No. 1283) and 6030 (No. 1284)
    • FlexControl (No. 1883)
    • SelectControl (No. 1885)
    • T 1030 card (No. 1830)
    • MultiControl (No. 1862)
    • MultiControl duo (No. 1874)
    • MasterControl (No. 1864)
    • MasterControl solar (No. 1866)
    • Controller 9V (No. 1250)
    • Flower Box Watering (No. 1407)


    Click here to download product sheet/spec sheet

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