Gardena Water Computer MasterControl Hose Timer

by Gardena
$ 165.00
Power Source
  • Water Your Garden More Efficiently

    Remember all the summers in the backyard with the neighbors, spraying the hose up into the air and watching as everyone tried to run away from the falling streams of water? It was fun. The days of no worries and no cares. While it was a blast, now you’re an adult and you can’t be so carefree.

    Now you know that you were probably wasting a ton of water when you did that, which kind of stinks, but at least you had fun while you could. Since you know better, you can try to make a difference in the environment by saving water and being smart about how and when you use it.

    The Gardena Water Computer MasterControl Hose Timer regulates the amount of water used from your hose or the tap on an automatic irrigation systems that connects to your hose.

  • Add Improved Automation to Your Irrigation Process

    The Water Computer MasterControl Hose Timer attaches to your tap to control the automatic irrigation of your garden. The timer is suitable for use with the hose itself or other attachments for irrigating. It’s easy to program the watering times – just follow the instructions shown on the screen, and then turn the knob to your desired setting. You can program up to six different watering times per day; each of these cycles can run from one minute to nearly 10 minutes.

    • Program up to six (6) watering times (cycles) per day
    • Watering duration adjustable from 1 min. to 9 hrs 59 mins
    • Watering days are freely selectable by user
    • Control panel can be detached for convenient setup
    • Connection for optional Gardena Rain or Soil Moisture Sensor



    The MasterControl Hose Timer is available in two models: battery-powered and solar-powered. The premium solar-powered model includes a solar cell that converts sunlight into energy, saving more money over the standard model. Even when the weather is not ideal and the sun isn’t shining, the solar model's rechargeable battery (included) will still deliver stored power to the timer, ensuring reliable performance.

    NOTES: Requires connection to a hose, sprinkler system, a drip irrigation system (such as the Gardena Micro Drip System), or the Gardena Sprinklersystem -- all sold separately. Battery-Powered Model does not include the required battery. Solar-Powered Model does include the required rechargeable battery.




    • Model Number:
      • Battery-Powered: 1864-20
      • Solar-Powered: 1866-20
    • Manufacturer: Gardena
    • Watering Cycles per Day: 6
    • Watering Duration: 0h 1min - 9h 59min
    • Watering Frequency: Every 24 hours; or every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th day; or individual selection of irrigation days
    • Sensor Connection: Yes
    • Energy Supply:
      • Battery-Powered: One (1) 9V alkaline battery (not included)
      • Solar-Powered: High-power solar cell and lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included)
    • Thread: For taps with 26.5mm (G3/4) and 33.3mm (G1) thread
    • Operating Pressure: 0.5-12 bar / 7.25-174.05 psi


    Click here to download the Battery-Powered model product sheet

    Click here to download the Solar-Powered model product sheet.

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