Gladiator Portable Trash Compactor (15", Hammered Granite)

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  • Compaction Strong as an Alligator's Jaws

    In the pilot episode of “Miami Vice,” Sonny Crockett (played by Don Johnson) lives on a boat guarded by his pet alligator, Elvis. Elvis had been a live mascot for Sonny's alma mater, The University of Florida, when Sonny played football for the Florida Gators. (Sonny wore number 88 as a wide receiver.) Elvis the Gator was retired after biting a player on an opposing team, the Crimson Tide, so Sonny adopted him upon graduation. (The University of Florida no longer uses live alligators as mascots.)

    Elvis filled many roles, including drug-sniffer and watch-gator, but his chief function was as a trash compactor. Elvis ate entire bags of dog food, whole fish, or anything else that was lying around. He even consumed part of Sonny’s prized Buddy Holly vinyl record collection. (Sonny got so mad he threatened to throw Elvis’s favorite possession overboard: a fuzzy pink blanket.)

    Elvis’s main attribute was the amazing crushing pressure in his jaws - more than 2,000 pounds per square inch. That’s more than a great white shark!

    If you want the same crushing power without the alligator, then we recommend the Gladiator Hammered Granite Portable Trash Compactor (15"). It’s like having a pet alligator in your home, except it only eats what you want it to.

  • Reduce Your Trash Volume & Save

    Minimize your household trash by up to 75 percent, save on trash bags, and stop taking out the trash so often with the Gladiator Hammered Granite Portable Trash Compactor (15"). Perfect for your kitchen or garage, this heavy-duty trash compactor holds 1.4 cubic feet and crushes waste with 2,200 pounds of pressure. Use a foot pedal to open it hands-free, then throw in your trash, close it up, and let compaction rock. Designed for safety, the Gladiator compactor features recessed "On/Off/Start" controls to help you avoid accidental activation. Additionally, four wheels with locks on the front two make sure it either stays in place or rolls where it’s needed.

    • 4-to-1 compaction ratio reduces trash volume by approx. 75%
    • Holds up to 1.4 cubic feet of household trash
    • Suitable for recycling aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or paper products
    • Opens hands-free with convenient foot pedal
    • Rear wheels swivel; front wheels can lock for stability
    • Anti-jam automatically reverses compression ram if door opens



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    • Manufacturer: Whirlpool Corporation
    • Brand: Gladiator
    • Model Number: GACP15XXMG
    • Color/Finish: Hammered Granite
    • Amperage: 15 Amps
    • Horsepower: 0.33 HP
    • Capacity: 1.4 cubic ft.
    • Weight: 155 pounds
    • Dimensions: 15(W) x 38(H) x 24(D) inches
    • Listings: UL
    • Warranty: 1 Year Limited


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