IronRidge Slotted L-Foot Qty 1 | LFT-03-B1 & LFT-03-M1

by IronRidge
$ 2.09
  • Features

    Safety - All components evaluated for superior structural performance. UL 2703 system eliminates separate module grounding components.

    Efficiency - Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states. Online software makes it simple to create, share, and price projects.

    User Friendly - Lightweight and compatible with industry-standard attachments.

  • Technical Specifications

    Material: Aluminum - Black Anodized Finish
    Product Type: L-feet

    Mechanical Data & Components

    Dimensions: 12 × 10 × 7 in
    Weight: 0.25 lb


    IronRidge Slotted L Foot Data Sheet 

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