PCA Spray Ultra Low Flow Faucet Aerator, 0.35 GPM

  • Reduce Water Usage at the Faucet

    Oh, no. This can't be right. The water bill is higher than you've ever seen it. You feel like your heart is slowly coming to its final beat. Then, there's a sound at the door. The door's unlocking - it's your wife! She's home! Oh, you'll never hear the end of this. She can't possibly know. So, your only choice is to head to the garage and leave forever. Shave your head, put on some weight, get some tattoos. Lose your identity. You're a new person now.

    No, wait. You shouldn't have to do all that for a water bill. So, switch to a PCA Spray Ultra Low Flow Faucet Aerator and significantly improve your faucet situation. You should see a vast reduction in your water and energy usage.

  • Low Flow Rate Saves Water

    The PCA Spray Ultra Low Flow Faucet Aerator (0.35 GPM) connects to your faucet to deliver a low, consistent flow, no matter the pressure. Typical aerators can limit flow, using a fixed opening to control the flow rate. With an improved design, this aerator maintains 0.35 GPM flow rate at all times, up to 84% less than standard aerator flow rates, saving you water and money.

    • Produces consistent non-aerated spray that doesn't splash
    • Compensates pressure to maintain constant flow from 20 to 80 psi
    • Anti-clogging dome screen helps filter debris and minerals
    • Unbreakable single-piece faucet insert ensures long life

    The aerator's spray is non-splashing, resulting in smoother and cleaner use. Its chrome finish will allow it to fit nicely into a modern home. The aerator also meets all US standards, including ANSI/ASME A112.18.1 and ANSI/NSF61.

    Choosing the Right Model

    The PCA Spray Ultra Low Flow Faucet Aerator is available in various models. Choose from three different thread options (male, female, or dual) and two different design options (tamper-proof or non-tamper-proof).


    • Model Number:
      • Tamper-Proof: NP13-6000 / 6100 / 6200
      • Non-Tamper-Proof: NP13-6040 / 6140 / 6250
    • Manufacturer: Neoperl
    • Finish: Chrome
    • Max. Flow Rate: 0.35 GPM
    • Materials:
      • Body: Acetal
      • O-ring: Silicone
    • Working Temperature: 150 degrees F
    • Working Pressure: 125 psi
    • Certifications: ANSI/NSF 61


    Click here for a detailed spec sheet!

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