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Treepublic would like to help you with your installation.


provides three different ways to help you with your Grid-Tied project. If you can't find it here, remember you can always talk to one of our experts or fill out the PV Design Form and we will get started generating a bill-of-materials for your next project.

From grid-tied to battery backup, we can help.

We offer everything you need to get the job done right. Our in-house staff knows their stuff. Problem on the job? Complicated battery system? Working with Megawatts? No worries. We'll do the planning and consultation you need.

Our services

  • Free System Design/BOM buildout
  • Technical Support - On-grid & battery-based
  • Full electrical diagrams - On-grid & battery-based - Residential/Commercial/Utility-scale

- Detailed Plans designed specifically for YOUR solar installation

- Use the plans to guide you or your contractor in the installation

- Complete package ready to submit to the city for permit approval

- Every Solar Electrical Design is drafted to comply with city codes and NEC regulations.

- Free revisions if required by the city for permit approval

Click here to download Sample Permit Package PDF

Permitting processes for solar projects and installations can involve various local, state, and federal entities—each of which has its own requirements for approval. While every distributed photovoltaic (PV) system must receive a permit from the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), utility-scale systems also require state and/or federal permits.

With more than 18,000 AHJs in the United States, installers spend an inordinate amount of time and resources learning their local permitting and inspection process and tailoring their business processes accordingly. The lack of process standardization across AHJs creates major inefficiencies for installers and for the AHJs.

GoGreenSolar.com provides a PV design and permitting service to relieve you of all the stress and time inefficiencies of dealing with government agencies. Every Solar Electrical Design is drafted to comply with city codes and NEC regulations.  We also provide any corrections and updates of the submitted solar panel plans, if needed, at no charge to keep solar installation costs down.

We guarantee our work and respect our clients’ project confidentiality. Ensure permit approval with professional design, on schedule, and below cost by professional experts!

Solar Permitting Includes:

Plot Plan - Site

Single Line Drawing

Ampacity & Voltage calculations, and solar breaker size

Module data sheet

Inverter data sheet

Full Submittal Package

Task items that may be included with your design drawing and documentation support:

  • 2D Space Layout Drawings
  • Line Schematic Drawings
  • Site Installation Drawings
  • Roof / Ground Mounting Layout and Detail
  • Ampacity & Voltage Calculations

Solar Financing Options

Renewable Energy Loan?

A home improvement loan up to $40,000 allows you to own your solar systems and utilize federal and state credits with ease and simplicity.

Get help financing your solar electric system with a non-equity based loan.  We've partnered with Admirals bank to offer qualifying homeowners a FHA Title I Home Improvement Loan to fund the purchase of a solar electric system.  These loans are are specifically designed to make these systems more affordable.  Call to learn more (866) 798-4435.

The Solar StepDown Loan

Maximum Loan Amount: $25,000 (secured)

StepDown borrowers may request a one-time re-amortization within the first 24 months from the date of funding to lower their monthly payment.

This allows you to pay down the loan with solar tax credits and incentives that you may receive.

No prepayment penalties, No equity or appraisal requirements

Funds disbursed to borrower before work begins

Tax deductible interest (consult your tax advisor)

Access to a team of renewable energy financing experts

The SolarPlus Loan

Maximum Loan Amount: $15,000 (unsecured)

Qualifying Solar StepDown Loan customers now have an option to borrow up to an additional $15,000 through our exclusive unsecured “SolarPlus” Loan.

This innovative program gives homeowners the ability to borrow up to $40,000 for renewable

Allows borrower a higher loan amount while maintaining low monthly payments.

Borrower is not required to make installment or interest payments for the SolarPlus Loan during the first 18 months from the date of funding.

Same benefits of the Solar StepDown Loan.

Homeowners must borrow the maximum Title I Loan amount to be eligible for either Plus I Loan.*

The individual(s) preparing or submitting this application must be the home owner(s) that is/are requesting financing for a home improvement or renewable energy project that has not yet been started or completed. Admirals Bank does not accept home improvement or renewable energy loan applications that have been completed or submitted by third parties.

Lien will be placed against the property for loans above $7,500. Lien will be in first or second position. Newly constructed homes must have been completed and occupied for a minimum of 90 days. Must be a project that qualifies for federal and/or government rebates or incentives. The SolarPlus Loan program is a Bank program that is not affiliated with or sponsored by FHA. This loan is designed to be an addition to the Solar StepDown Loan. You may not apply for this loan individually. The term of SolarPlus Loan cannot exceed the term of the Solar StepDown Loan. Each loan is subject to separate credit approval.

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Alternative Payment Options

"Bill Me Later" via PayPal®

GoGreenSolar.com also offers PayPal® "Bill Me Later" as a payment option for orders more than $99. This lets you buy now and pay up to 6 months later with no interest fees, or 19.99% APR after that period.

More info: https://www.billmelater.com/

Buy Solar Panels with Bitcoin


Going green with Bitcoin is easy!  Simply email or call us with your order request and we will send you Bitcoin information through CoinBase. Once CoinBase confirms and processes the Bitcoin transfer, your solar order will get processed and shipped!


We are working with our shopping cart provider to integrate Bitcoin for a seamless checkout process.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in the mean time. (You can also give Shopify a prod if you'd like to see this supported in their software!)

Thank you for supporting Bitcoin and solar energy!

Email: info@gogreensolar.com

Call: 1.866.798.4435

Request Quote


Need a full install or just some parts? No problem, we can help!  We can design your system, provide the right parts, and have it installed at a price that fits your budget.


We promise friendly service, certified professionals, and end-to-end support. Just call (866) 798-4435 (9am - 5pm PST) or fill out the form below to have a solar expert help you go green.

100% Solar Financing $150K, No Income Check, 5% Interest Rate, 7 Years Term

King Solarman provides a variety of financing options for solar customers to realize the dream they've always had; and save money!

The benefits of financing your solar panel install and solar panel purchase are numerous, and include:

  • - Quick and easy access to solar power.
  • - Turnkey solar design and installation.
  • - Affordable payment options.
  • - Power Production Guarantee.
  • - Utility bill savings.
  • - Insurance and system warranty.
  • - Worry-free maintenance and monitoring.

To qualify for the financing of your solar system purchase and installation, you must meet the following criteria:

  • - 680-700 FICO options.
  • - No foreclosures/bankruptcy within the last 4 years.
  • - No 60 day late payments within the last years.
  • - No recent mortgage delinquencies.

Zero Down Payment

  • - No upfront installation cost.
  • - Homeowners realize lower monthly payments and reduced utility bills.
  • - Down Payment Plan.
  • - Pre-pay whatever amount you're comfortable and enjoy the lower monthly lease payments.

Prepaid Lease Option

Wtih a prepaid lease, customers can make one payment upfront and enjoy the remainder of the term payment free. This option is ideal for homeowners that can take advantage of leasing and realize better kWh value every month as they forego a lease payment.

100% Solar Leasing, -3% Interest Rate, Full Doc, Min $500K Loan Amount, 10 yrs

Benefits to Business Owers:

  • - Easy application process
  • - Financing options for every homeowner
  • - Prepay
  • - Partial Prepay (minimum FICO 700)
  • - Zero-down (minimum FICO 700)
  • - No equity required
  • - No maintenance or installation costs
  • - Anticipated 60 days from lease signing to interconnection
  • - Live monitoring included
  • - No insurance obligation
  • - 20-year term and performance guarantee
  • - Power production guarantee

1-7 Years Term Finance For Installers and Business Owners ( No Income Check ), 5% Interest Rate

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