Schneider Electric EVLink Indoor EV Charging Station

by Schneider Electric
$ 599.00
  • John leaves San Jose at noon and travels east at 60 mph in his electric car. He knows he must recharge this particular model at least every 120 miles or risk being stranded. However, on impulse he detours 20 miles to visit a Spam museum. Factoring in a 42-mph tailwind, how far from Salt Lake City will John be when he remembers that he left the stove on?

    Yes, mistakes can happen anytime, even when driving with zero emissions and detouring for a little intellectual enrichment.

    But, to state the obvious, choosing Schneider Electric’s EVLink will not be one of those mistakes. The EV Link has earned a solid reputation for reliability, and its 30 Amp current dramatically cuts recharging time.

    But do keep in mind:

    a) Mileage math won’t budge. Best to put down the magic wand and grab a calculator.

    b) A faster charge won’t always justify the wisdom of an earlier departure. Your in-laws will still notice if you skip out early from Sunday dinner.

    c) The company’s additional perk of a “custom skin” does not refer to a free tattoo. Sorry. This excellent product won’t magically forgive human error, but will create more frequent opportunities to enjoy driving your car.

  • The Schneider Electric EVLink (30A, Generation 2.5) is far and away the best indoor electric vehicle (EV) charging station on the market. It’s easy to install in residential environments, simple to use, and best of all, it charges all major electric vehicles up to four times faster than a standard power outlet.

    • Charges 2-4 times faster than a standard power outlet (110V)
    • Easy to see if the car is charging, and how long it has charged
    • Sleek, minimalist design fits into any home style and decor
    • Suitable for locations wired for either 208 or 240 voltage
    • Supports advanced metering to collect and monitor data
    • Includes durable cable holder for easy mounting and storage


    No Worries with Auto-Restart

    One of the key features of the EVLink is the “auto-restart” function, which ensures your car will keep charging even after an outage or fault. And when the car is 100% charged, the charging station automatically shuts off. You can simply plug in your car and walk away until you need to go somewhere. No need to worry -- about anything.

    Save Money with Scheduled Charging

    Another unique feature of the EVLink is the delayed charging option. This allows you to put your car on a charging schedule. You could, for example, schedule the charger to shut off during peak electricity demand hours. The charger will automatically shut off, helping you save energy and money.

    Simple Interface Anyone Can Use

    The Schneider Electric EVLink is powerful and customizable, and still surprisingly simple to operate. Its sleek, minimalist interface has colored LEDs to indicate charging status, a detected fault, etc. The Stop button and indicator lights identify if the charger is ready to use or requires attention. The Delay button and indicator lights display if charging has been programmed for a later time, as well as the length of the delay.

    Installation Details

    Schneider Electric’s indoor electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are intended for mounting indoors by a licensed electrical contractor. These EV charging stations are specifically designed to withstand several hours of use on a daily basis.


    • EVLink Charging Station
    • Cable Holder

    About the Manufacturer

    As The Global Specialist in Energy Management™, Schneider Electric is unconditionally committed to sustainable development. Customers in over 140 countries count on us to provide energy-efficient solutions from Power Plant to Plug™. Schneider Electric has been an active contributor in the electric vehicle market for more than a decade and will continue to provide ground-breaking EV charging solutions today and in the future. You can depend on Schneider Electric to deliver the entire spectrum of EV charging infrastructure, smart-grid integration, service, and management in one complete solution.


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    • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
    • Model Number: EV230WS
    • Input/Output Current: 30 Amps
    • Input/Output Voltage: 240 VAC
    • Enclosure Type: Indoor (NEMA 1) SAE J1772 compatible
    • Cord Length: 18 feet
    • Enclosure Dimensions: 9.53W x 12.73H x 4.36D inches
    • Charging Access: Unrestricted
    • Standards Compliance: SAEJ1772, NEC625, UL 2594, UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2, UL 991, UL 1998, and UL 2251


    Society of automotive engineers (SAE) J1772 compatible and fully tested and interoperable with BMW Active E, Chevrolet Volt, Coda, Fisker Karma, Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Toyota Plug-in Prius, Toyota RAV4, Honda FIT EV and more.



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