Shower Flow Meter Water Displacement Bag

by Niagara Conservation
$ 10.00
  • You're finally starting to catch on with all of your friends and join in on the movement to “go green”. You’ve changed to eco-friendly alternatives for most of your daily things...but you’re still just scratching the surface.

    You're in the shower trying to mull over what else you could possibly bring a radical change to in your life. Then, it hits you. Literally. The shower! Showers consume so much water and energy with every use that you should have thought of it much earlier! In fact, you could see that change going into all of the water-using implements in your bathroom. For now, though, you need to start with the shower.

    A great product to start on your way to water conservation in the bathroom is the Shower Meter Displacement bag. It helps you determine your showerhead’s flow rate and gears it for ultimate savings and efficiency. You're on your way to a “green” bathroom!

  • The Shower Meter Displacement Bag determines your showerhead’s flow rate. Typical showerheads, ones that flow around 2.5 gallons per minute or higher, are not efficient and should be replaced with superior showerheads for savings and efficiency. Trading out an inefficient showerhead with a low flow model can significantly reduce water usage and costs.

    • Model Number: S2064
    • Manufacturer: Niagara Conservation

    Instructions for the product are included on the bag. Simply place the shower meter under your showerhead and you will be able to observe the flow rate.

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