SolarRoofHook Flashed U-Foot Mounting Kit - Aluminum Flashing & 10mm U-foot & 5/16 x 3" Stainless Screws (20 pcs.)

by SolarRoofHook
$ 160.00
  • The Flashed U-Foot Mounting Kit is comprised of a 305mm x 305mm piece of aluminum flashing and an aluminum U-Foot with a 10mm x 25.60mm rail attachment slot that accepts 5/16", 3/8" or M8 T-Bolts. Use our 5/16" x 3" Solar Mounting Screws in the 7.20mm mounting screw holes. The design of the U-Foot secures the flashing on the roof without any nails.



    SolarRoofHook Flashed U Foot Data Sheet

    SolarRoofHook Flashed U Foot Installation Guide

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