Waterdrop Digital Shower Timer

  • It’s hard not to lose track of time when you’re in the shower. Especially when it’s one of the few times in your schedule where you have the opportunity to forget about everything in the real world and just relax. You can soak under the water and let all of your worries fade away. But, as a decent human being, you want to conserve water, rather than wasting it. That proves to be difficult, though, when you get lost in the relaxation of a long shower.

    Well, with the Waterdrop Digital Shower Timer, you can regulate the amount of time you take a shower. It will get you in the habit of taking short showers and let you know right when you should turn the water off. It’s a great tool to further expand your efforts to save water, energy and money.

  • Save thousands of gallons of water by using the Waterdrop Digital Shower Timer. All it takes is attaching the timer on your shower wall and then setting it! Once the timer runs out, an alarm sounds, letting you know it's time to finish up your shower.

    • Digital timer measures 5 minutes
    • Built-in audible alarm when time is up
    • Waterproof and steamproof for long-term use
    • Easy to mount in shower with suction cup

    • Part Number: CW00-8000
    • Time Measured: 5 minutes
    • Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.9 inches

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