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About Us

Treepublic is a company that wants to share amazing things with the world.

The products we choose to distribute and the services we aim to provide are all selected by asking ourselves one question: What matters most and why?

Leaving the most important question, which is the quest to satisfy our insatiable spiritual hunger, aside, we've resolved that the next best thing - a very distant second, to be sure - would be to find solutions to our most pressing material needs, and share them with you.

Ideal products are selected based on (1) function, (2) affordability, and (3) design, taken in equal measure, and yet, in that order, and fall into one of the following classes:

1) energy.

Energy is of first order importance. In the figure above, it is represented by a single point, an electron, symbolizing potential.

Products of this class, ranging from energy efficiency supplies to photovoltaic systems and electric vehicle service equipment, have been carefully curated, and provide a means to reduce energy use, harness energy on-site from inexhaustible sources, or store energy for transportation or future use.

2) water.

Water is represented by the line, representing directionality, or flow. It is the first dimension, without which life cannot exist.

The water-saving technologies we recommend are include conservation products, smart irrigation products, and efficient water heating systems.

3) life.

Life is represented by the point rising from level ground, creating the first form. Supported by all that precedes it, life is forever reaching for greater heights.

Products that sustain life and help make it better, from healthy live foods to exceptional personal products, are here to be discovered. 

4) place.

Where life plays out, where we live, work, and spend time with our famililes, friends, and fellow citizens. Without a place, or structure, there can be no forward movement.

Look no further for smart solutions for the structures in which we live and work.

5) advance.

Movement begins when the four building blocks are in place and combined with an essential fifth point, the will to advance. To continue in a cycle in upward motion.

We offer services that can help you achieve these goals. Feel free to contact us at services@treepublic.com for consulting expertise in next economy portfolio investments and energy auditing, as well as design services for photovoltaic and EV systems, water efficiency upgrades, drip irrigation systems, and drought tolerant landscapes.

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We are the types of folks who would love to tell you why we do what we do, but find that the best explanation is simply "because!" 

We are based in Los Angeles, and have been investing "next economy" ideas, products, and securities since 2008. We have been interested in the intersection of matters of spirit and property for much longer, and expect to be perpetually in search of the very things that capture the essence of both. We want to hear from you when you come across those rare items that combine simplicity, functionality, affordability, and beautiful design. Ideally, we like to find an "apex" product for each category. In certain cases, we find that we have "twin peaks" or "triple crowns" - when two or three products excel above the rest in a particular area. Please take a look at our social pages to learn more about us and the kind of products we like to promote.

We look forward to working with you!

-The Treepublic Team


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