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The work we do.

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Featured Solar Products

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Solar Products & Equipment We Carry

Solar Panels

these circuited rocks rock.

Solar Inverters

DC to AC never felt this good.

Solar Mounting Supplies

these unsung heroes keep it all together

Energy Storage

toast today's morning bagel with yesterday's sunshine.

EV Charging

Who doesn't love photon-powered propulsion?

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Welcome to Treepublic!

Commercial Solar

We also make custom solar structures and non-ballasted systems for commercial applications.

Residential Solar

We do composition shingle, clay/concrete tile, ground-mounted, metal and flat/low-slope installations.

Battery Storage

We've got AGM, Lithium Ion, and LiFePO4 chemistries - everything you need.

EV Charging

We install a wide range of level II & III chargers for plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars.

Electrical & Energy Efficiency

For electric service equipment installation & restoration, we've got you covered.