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LG 360W NeON R Prime LG360Q1K-V5 Black Frame Solar Panel - 19.6% Max Efficiency 360W Panel for Homes & Commercial (Single Panel)

$ 530.00
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    Revolutionize your solar energy system with the LG 360W NeON R LG360Q1K-V5, featuring advanced monocrystalline cell technology for reliable high-efficiency performance. With 60 cells and a confirmed 19.6% maximum module efficiency rating, this panel optimizes sunlight conversion.

    The sleek black aluminum frame blends seamlessly into any rooftop, while the reinforced junction box withstands harsh weather for long-term reliability. Integrated MC4 connectors enable fast plug-and-play installation.

  • Why This Rocks? 
    • Confirmed 19.6% maximum efficiency rating for more power
    • 60 high-performance monocrystalline cells
    • Sleek black aluminum frame ideal for rooftop solar
    • Reinforced junction box for proven weather resistance
    • Integrated MC4 connectors for easy plug-and-play install

    Step into the future with LG's most advanced solar technology. The NeON R delivers the cutting-edge efficiency and reliability you need.

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